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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Some days are smart days, ad some days are stupid days. Yesterday was a smart day. Today, well, I thought it was a smart day, but now it's looking stupid. Trying to navigate the complexities of failed attempts at health care reform (and what they should have done) does have the effect of turning your brain into jello. Especially if you're not trained for this sort of thing. That's why I liked science-- right or wrong. The reaction worked or it didn't. The proof is true or it is false. I like the numbers, the economics of the issues. They will tell you if a policy is a success or a failure better than political "feelings." They're just small parts of a huge combinatorics & optimization problem, like everything else in life. Hey, I like that metaphor. Life is just a huge fractal, comprised of combinatorics & optimization problems.

At any rate, the brats will be sad that there will be just a teeny fire escape jardinet this year due to my decreased fire escape real estate. They enjoyed it.


that's not catnip

Last year's jardinet, maybe two weeks after planting:

jardinet, all

This year, there will be more space chez mes parents, but it will be enjoyed by the cats that live with them, and not the two brats who live with me. Alors! I shall have to make it up to them in some way.

I ordered some plants from The Tasteful Garden this morning, with delivery next month.
Apparently the radishes are starting to peek out. I'll see them tomorrow.

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