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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And we're back

For better or worse, all of my papers are in. I am done with my second semester of grad school. Well, except for a lecture I have to attend at lunchtime on Friday.

And my apartment is a sty. I need to do some serious cleaning, some serious laundry, some serious reorganization, and some serious work on myself. A stressful second half of the semester has not exactly been kind to me.

In other news, I am having rather unfortunate luck as of late. Office decided to barf 6 hours before my last paper was due (and now it somehow needs to set itself up again and sin't accepting my product key-- a system restore didn't fix it, either). I had to buy a new laptop battery just as I was looking at replacing my camera and getting an external hard drive to back up my laptop and, oh yeah, I'm starting my residency (which requires a much larger professional wardrobe than I possess) and I was hoping to join the local pool because the university's summer schedule is pretty much impossible with my work schedule. Also, the local pool is on the next block instead of a bus ride plus a walk away. And, lest we forget, the car expenses I will be assuming in the very near future. It's rather galling when I'm feeling so very stretched and then I get to hear acquaintances complain about being "poor"-- while constantly traveling and buying all sort of gadgets and movies and games and stuff. Bleh.

Alright. I have three weeks until I start my residency. Three weeks to recover from the semester and get my crap together.

flowers and showers

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